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Magnificence Amidst the Metropolis
My favorite place is Theodore Roosevelt Island where my husband and I met during a magical February snowstorm. Anthony and I enjoy collaborating; especially on photographic projects.

Our days begin before dawn. It's worth the blurry start to witness sunrises and glimpse fox, raccoon, deer, beavers and sleepy birds shaking out their feathers. Our photographing the island is a continuing project; an account of love of place, spirit, and our personal tale.

During the early hours, morning light and Earth's stirrings intersect for a serendipitous moment that is an essential element of where our vision and artistic ambitions fuse. Anthony's Rays of Light is one such wondrous moment. The light is ever-changing and we have not seen it play out again as it did that particular morning.

photograph Anthony J Peritore Megan Peritore Picture That Studios
Rays of Light
photographed by Anthony J Peritore